The Father, the Son, and the Aha Moment

Tools for Helping You and Your Child Develop a Path to Happiness

Is it possible to feel like you’re enough as a parent?

Do you feel frustrated, angry, sad, anxious, or depressed when you see the other fulfilling parent-child relationships? Are you ready to stop wondering, Why can't I have a great relationship with my child? It's never too late to have the confidence that you are doing your best, showing up as your best self for your child. Father and son duo, Steve and Spencer Barton, will guide you through a simple, extremely powerful process in The Father, the Son, and the Aha Moment that will help you become the difference and change your relationship with your child.

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In the book: In The Father, the Son, and the Aha Moment, you will learn:

  • The Game of Ten ® framework
  • Tools to reduce your frustration and stress while parenting
  • How to stop sweating the small stuff
  • A greater understanding of your feelings, thoughts, and emotions to help you bond with your child
  • Secrets to maintaining a positive mindset, even when coparenting in difficult situations
  • If you’re ready to learn how to raise your awareness while raising your child, read The Father, the Son, and the Aha Moment today.

The Game of Ten ®

The Game of Ten ® is a framework designed to guide people towards a mindset of self-acceptance and peace.

The Game of Ten

The Father, The Son and the Aha Moment employs a technique known as The Game of Ten ®

The rules of the game, called tenets, are intended to guide you towards awareness and acceptance of all that is.

These tenets provide a worldview which sees peace and contentment as the natural state of being, even if it is not the normal state for many people. When you accept the tenets, you realize that there is no reason to be deprecating or judgmental towards yourself or others. When you accept that everyone, including yourself, is enough, does enough, and has enough in this moment, then you can begin to accept and appreciate yourself and others as beautiful and connected parts of humanity and the universe. By acceptance of these in this moment, intentions can be set for the new vision of what is enough, with intent and purpose.

Stephen Barton Author

Stephen Barton

Steve Spencer Barton is a native to Maine. He is a resident of Westbrook. Steve was born on Labor Day, September 2, 1956.

After receiving his BA in business management from The University of Southern Maine, Steve went into the family flower business, Barton’s Flowers of Westbrook. In 1979, When Steve was twenty-three, his father had a major stroke and Steve accepted the position to manage the family business.

In 1985, he and his father purchased Harmon’s Flowers of Portland. Merging the two companies to what is now Harmon Floral Company. In November 2007, he and his father sold the company.

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With an enduring love of business and a strong desire to help people personally and professionally, he began coaching individuals and business owners based on his backgrounds in mindset and company management. Steve is a passionate seeker of truth regarding human behavior and psychology. He is particularly experienced in helping individuals and teams to connect with their innate awareness. He calls this a commonsense approach to what is not all that common.

In May 2015, Steve graduated the eight-month intensive coaching program from the Gestalt International Study Center in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, giving him a foundation in the Gestalt model and the Gestalt Core Concepts and Behaviors to work from.

In September 2021, Steve graduated from Miracle Minded Coaching with Marianne Williamson and the team at Difference Press, giving him an even wider range of coaching skills to use with his clients.

Currently, Steve is the owner of Steve Barton Coaching, which provides coaching for individuals, businesses, and groups.

Steve has registered with the United States Trademark Office, a process that he uses in his coaching practice. It is in the format of a psychological game and mindset practice. It is called The Game of Ten ®. His hope is to train others to teach this process to the psychological, coaching, and wellness community. His website is Over the Looking Glass.

Spenser Barton Author

Spenser Barton

Spencer Alden Barton is from Yarmouth, Maine. He graduated from high school at North Yarmouth Academy and is, at time of writing, on leave from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He has spent this time renovating his workshop, working for a local building contractor, learning more about ADHD, and, of course, researching and writing for The Father, The Son, and the Aha Moment. Spencer loves building things and helping people, and he hopes that his first book will help many people to find the aha moments that he and his father have shared.